Best Bass Gig Bags You Can Buy In 2023: Best Alternatives to Hardshell Cases! 

Think of a quality gig bag as your bass guitar’s superhero cape – protecting it from bumps, scratches, and all the wear and tear of the road. The best bass gig bag is lightweight, provides ample protection, and is stylish too. But with so many options, knowing which gig bag to choose can be tough. To help you out, I have done some digging to bring you tough-nut gig bags. Get ready to discover the five best bass gig bags on the market and find the best protecting bag for your wild solos. 

List of the Best Bass Gig Bags

1. MONO M80 Vertigo Bass Case 

Key Features  

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Item Weight: 6.6 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 53.94 x 15.75 inches

With 20mm thick padding, ABS head, and body impact panels, the MONO M80 ensures your axe is well-protected against accidental drops and impacts. What I love about this gig bag is its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole that protects against vertical drops of the bag. Moreover, with the extra neck suspension system, the neck of your guitar finds a natural resting point without even strapping. The case also comes with reinforced straps and a handle, letting you carry the bass easily for extended periods. 

  • Its military specs material is resistant to abrasion 
  • The insole and outsole combination of the design keeps the strap pin off the ground even during impact 
  • The vertigo design allows you to unzip the bag quickly 
  • Comes with waterproof materials with industrial rubber piping (PVC-free) 
  • The storage pocket is very roomy 
  • Expensive for a gig bag 

2. Gator Cases Transit Series Bass Guitar Gig Bag 

Key Features  

  • Material: Blended fabric exterior 
  • Item Weight: 4.99 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions: 50 x 6 x 16 inches 

This bag from Gator Cases also features 20mm thick internal foam padding, like the MONO M80, that keeps your instrument safe from scratches, dings, and other damage. It comes with an adjustable as well as removable interior padding system that offers maximum protection for the headstock, neck, and body. The shoulder straps on this bag are comfortable and don’t dig into my shoulders, even when it’s loaded with all the gear. 

  • Thick padding with plush lining provides decent protection for your bass 
  • There’s a quality thick rubber tread on the bottom of the bag that prevents wear 
  • Equipped with water-resistant exterior 
  • The large front zippered pocket provides ample storage for your accessories 
  • I found the straps a bit low-quality 

3. Fender FB620 Bass Gig Bag 

Key Features  

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Item Weight: 1.6 ounces 
  • Product Dimensions: 49 x 15.75 x 4 inches 

With durable 600 denier polyester construction and 20 mm of padding, the Fender gig bag keeps your instrument safe and sound from damages. There’s an air flow channel in the bag that ensures maximum breathability and comfort for your bass. On top of it, the ergonomic padded backpack straps provide excellent support and comfort when traveling long distances with your instrument. 

  • Durable construction with soft velour lining protects your investment 
  • Rubber protection at the bottom protects your bass from dings and other mishaps 
  • Equipped with easily adjustable lock buckles 
  • Multi-compartment storage pocket has plenty of space for your accessories 
  • The zippers aren’t sturdy enough 

4. Gator Cases 4G Series Gig Bag For Bass Guitars 

Key Features  

  • Material: Nylon 
  • Item Weight: 3.44 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions: 51.4 x 16.7 x 3.35 inches 

This is another Gator gig bag on my list that comes with 20mm padding to protect your bass from impacts and scratches. It also comes with an extra internal headstock and bridge padding to prevent wear and tear. Besides, the padded backpack straps and contour back padding provides you with extra comfort and support. 

  • Durable nylon exterior protects your instrument from bumps and dings 
  • Equipped with sturdy carry handle 
  • Comes with spare guitar pick storage 
  • Large exterior pocket with mesh storage for storing accessories like tuners, strings, capos and more. 
  • Straps are a bit low 

5. ChromaCast Electric Bass Guitar Padded Gig Bag 

Key Features  

  • Material: Rubber 
  • Item Weight: 2 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 15 x 3.5 inches 

This gig bag from ChromaCast is in my top 5 list because of its extraordinary storage capabilities. It features 6 pockets, ranging from top to bottom, giving you an abundance of space to store any accessories. The ChromaCast Gig Bag has 10 millimetres of foam padding, so I would recommend it only if you take your bass for totting around town. It comes with two adjustable padded shoulders and two quality handles, making your bass easy to carry on the go. 

  • Really low cost compared to other gig bags 
  • Equipped with two adjustable padded shoulder straps 
  • Two handles allow easy transport between gigs, rehearsals or classes 
  • No padding on the bottom 
  • No neck supports 

How To Choose The Best Bass Gig Bag 

1. Dense Interior Padding:  

A good gig bag should have enough padding to protect your instrument from bumps and dings. Look for bags with at least 10 to 20 millimeters of padding. The more padding, the better the protection a gig bag offers. So, if you plan on traveling a lot, go for a higher dense padded interior. 

Why is padding important? 

Typically gig bags are made of nylon/polyester and not military-grade plastic like the best hardshell case. To protect your guitar, the gig bag has foam padding inside. A gig bag with adequate padding can absorb any shock or impact during travel, preventing damage to your bass guitar. So, if you are choosing a gig bag for your bass guitar, look for dense padding ones.  

2. Durable Built:  

Look for bags made from sturdy materials like nylon or polyester. Reinforced stitching and zippers are also a plus.  

Why should you check on durability?  

You don’t want your bag gets wear off after a few gigs, do you? A gig bag made of durable materials ensures that it lasts for a long time, saving you a lot of bucks in the long run. Also, a durable gig bag can withstand the rigors of travel. 

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3. Think about Comfort:  

When you’re carrying your bass around, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Look for bags with padded straps that are adjustable. Some bags also come with additional handles that make them easier to carry. 

Why is comfort a priority for a bass gig bag? 

A gig bag with comfortable carrying options can help prevent physical discomfort or injury. Carrying a bass guitar for extended periods can strain your back, neck, or shoulders, leading to pain or injury. Therefore, a gig bag with adjustable and padded straps can help distribute the weight evenly and reduce the strain on your body. 

4. Water Resistance:  

If you plan on playing gigs outside or traveling a lot, you’ll want to consider a water-resistant bag. Choose a bag made of water-resistant and waterproof materials for great protection in sudden rain. 

Why should you go for a water-resistant gig bag? 

Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train, your gig bag will likely be subjected to various external elements such as rain and snow. A gig bag of water-resistant material can ensure zero water leakage and protect your bass. 

5. Storage Capacity:  

Typically, a gig bag has enough storage options, up to 6 pockets for all your accessories, including cables, tuners, capos, or even musical notes. While choosing the best bass gig bag, ensure it has all the storage pockets you might need.   

Why storage compartments are necessary? 

We tend to carry much gear from tuners to cables in our bass gig bag. So, you’ll always want to ensure that your gig bag has ample storage to carry all your gear simultaneously. A gig bag with plenty of pockets and compartments help you remain organized. 

Final Thoughts 

A quality gig bag can ensure adequate protection for a bass guitar. The MONO M80 and the Gator Cases Transit Series are excellent choices for those looking for extra protection, while the ChromaCast Electric Bass Gig Bag is the most economical option. By choosing any of the best bass gig bag from the top 5 picks, you can rest assured that your bass guitar will be protected, and you’ll be ready to rock for your next gig.  

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