How To Carry A Guitar On Your Back: With or Without Guitar Case or In A Gig bag! 

Carrying your guitar on the back is, I think, what make most guitarist proud. But are we carrying it properly so the guitar remains in the best shape?   

Some would say, “what’s so fuss,” here, I include everything you should care about: how to carry a guitar on your back. So, check whether you are taking good care of your guitar while carrying it on your back!   

For instance, let’s first talk about straps; you should consider adjusting the length of your straps properly so that your guitar sits comfortably on your back-not too high, not too low, just right. What are the other things you should care about? In this post, I’ll share some essential tips and tricks on how to carry a guitar on your back without damaging it or experiencing any discomfort.  

How To Carry A Guitar On Your Back: Tips & Hacks   

Here are the top 5 tips on how to carry a guitar on your back. Follow them properly to save your axe from any kind of damages. 

Choose The Right Gig Bag 

We know hardshell cases offer better protection, but they can also be bulky and heavy to carry the guitar on your back. Gig bags are lightweight and offer ample protection against scratches and dents, which are most likely while you are on foot, so it’s better to choose a gig bag to carry the guitar. When choosing a gig bag, make sure it’s the right size for your guitar and has enough padding to keep it safe. 

Choose The Right Gig Bag 

Adjust The Straps 

Once you have the best gig bag, the next step is to adjust the straps correctly. Adjust the straps to fit your body size and height so that the guitar sits comfortably on your back and the weight is distributed evenly.  

Secure The Guitar 

Before putting the guitar in the gig bag, loosen the strings slightly. Then, consider placing a cloth between the strings and the fretboard to protect them. Next, place the guitar in the bag, making sure it’s snugly fit and won’t move around.  

Position The Bag 

The bag should be placed in the middle of your back, with the bottom resting on your lower back. You may want to adjust the straps again to ensure the bag sits comfortably and doesn’t shift around too much. 

Adjust The Straps 

Be Mindful 

When carrying a guitar on your back, be aware of the space around you, and don’t bump into anything or anyone. Avoid crowded areas or places where people may accidentally bump into you. If you need to navigate a crowded space, hold the bag by the handle or use the straps to carry it. 

How To Carry Guitar With Case: 

Choose The Right Case 

Indeed, hardshell cases offer better protection since they are made from durable materials like ABS plastics. Gig bags are more lightweight but offer less protection than a case. So, it’s highly recommended to use the best hardshell cases to protect your axe.  

Prepare Your Guitar 

Loosen the strings slightly, as this will reduce neck tension and prevent damage to the neck or headstock. Also, remove any accessories such as straps, picks, and capos from the guitar to prevent scratches or damage. 

Place The Guitar In The Case 

When placing your guitar in the case, ensure it is snug and secure. It won’t happen if you use the right fit case for your guitar. If the guitar is too loose inside the guitar case, it will tilt and might get damaged. If it’s too tight, pressure on the neck or headstock might lead to damage.   

Place The Guitar In The Case 

Close and Lock The Case 

Once the guitar is inside the case, make sure to close and lock the case properly. Check the latches to ensure that they are securely fastened. Why am I mentioning it? Often on the go, we forget to lock latches; in such a case, the guitar might fall while we try to open it. 

Lock the Guitar Case

Handle The Case With Care 

If you are transporting the case in a car or van, place it in a secure area that won’t move around. Make sure amps or other guitars do not stash the case. While traveling by air, it’s better to label the case ‘fragile’ to avoid mishandling.   

How To Carry Guitar Without Case 

I do not recommend carrying your guitar without a case whatsoever. But there are times when a case is simply not available, and you need to transport your guitar without any case. Here’s a guide on how to carry your guitar without a case and still keep it safe. 

How To Carry Guitar Without Case 

Prepare The Guitar 

Start by loosening the strings slightly to reduce tension on the neck. Then, wrap a soft cloth or towel around the headstock and secure it with a rubber band to protect the headstock and tuners from scratches and dings. Next, wrap another soft cloth or towel around the body of the guitar and secure it with a belt or strap. It will protect the body from scratches and impacts. 

Be Cautious and Aware of Your Surroundings 

Carrying a guitar without a case can be risky, so you need to be cautious and aware of your surroundings. Avoid crowded areas, narrow passages, and sharp corners. If traveling by public transport, secure the guitar and keep it away from other passengers. 

How Do You Carry A Guitar While Walking? 

Choose The Right Gig Bag  

Hard cases are heavy and difficult to walk with for extended periods. That’s why I suggest a quality gig bag is best for walking with a guitar. Gig bags are easy to carry and offer adequate protection against accidental bumps and dings.   

Adjust The Strap Properly 

It will make sure your guitar is at a comfortable height. If the straps are too loose, the guitar will swing around and bump into your legs, which is troublesome.  

Use A Strap Lock 

Have you ever had your guitar slip off the strap and come crashing to the ground? It’s a nightmare. Using a strap lock can prevent this kind of incident. 

Keep The Guitar Close To Your Body 

Keeping the guitar close to you will help distribute the weight evenly so that you can walk comfortably. If you hold it far from your body, you’ll put a lot of strain on your arm and shoulder. 

Keep An Eye On Your Surroundings 

Watch out for obstacles, uneven surfaces, and other people who might not be paying attention. It’s always better to be safe than to feel sorry. 

How To Carry A Guitar On Your Back: Final Words 

How to carry a guitar on your back- carrying a guitar on your back is easy, and with the right tips, hacks, and techniques, you can ensure that your guitar stays protected while you’re on the move. Practice lifting and adjusting your guitar to find the most comfortable position for your body. Take breaks and stretch periodically during long periods of carrying your guitar. Your back and shoulders will thank you later!  

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