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Crossrock 3-4 Classical Guitar Case Fiberglass Hardshell- Backpack Style converted

5 Best 3/4 Acoustic and Electric Guitar Cases [2022]

¾ size guitars need special guitar cases to fit in. If need a third-party guitar case, apart from the
regular ones. You will find a lot of guitar cases in the market. Not all of them are equally decent
enough. This article compiles 5 bests of ¾ guitar cases that you will love. 3/4 size guitars are
Since, its shorter and thinner than the usual case, regular guitar case won’t fit. In this article, I
have combined a best of 5 ¾ guitar cases that you can buy now. Indeed, there are many
choices, to cut things short for you, I have infused my research to guide you buy the best ¾
guitar case for these ultra-portable starter guitars. So that you will get the best one that suits
your need. The price ranges budget to high-end ones so you buy the one that really suits you

a musician traveling with his guitar case in metro train

7 Must-Know Tips For Travelling With A Guitar

Every musician to carry their instruments to the places so is a guitarist. Carrying the instrument
everywhere is tricky at times. we all care about the safety and security of precious guitar. To keep it safe
during travel-time movements or risks of impact, bumps and bruises, all you need to do is to follow
some simple rules and tips to avoid such accidents. A good hard case or a strong and premium gig bag
will protect your guitar, putting some clothes inside the case will ensure your guitar is protected against
any impact. Don’t forget to carry your accessories, and prepare for mode of transportation during the
travel. What you may need to care for bus, train, or on foot. Including these and for more tips in details,
read the article and follow the tips and have a happy and memorable journey.

Gator Cases Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case for 335 Semi-Hollow Guitars; Brown Exterior (GW-335-BROWN)

7 Best Epiphone or Gibson ES 335 Guitar Cases [2022]

Many of us own a Gibson or 335 Guitar and searching for a hard guitar case that best fit and protect Gibson ES-335 from bumps and bruises and dings. Since these guitars are more fragile and need to be protected, the hard case should be sturdy and built to last long. The interior must fit the shape correctly and be padded enough to absorb impact. Since there many guitar cases to choose from, I have researched most review-worthy guitar cases available and put up in a list covering a wide price range so that you can find the best one that suits you. The following list shows you the best instrument cases to contain your precious Gibson or 335. Check them now. All the guitar cases in my list offers best protection not lack in style part. These are strong and heavy-duty. Choose the one that suits your usage.

Gator-Cases-Transit-Series bass guitar gig bag

7 Best Travel Guitar Cases For You to Buy in 2022

Bumps and dings are part and parcel of life if you are into travel with guitar. That is why protection is the
priority for any travel guitar bag. The top of these instrument bags is limited to protection; they are
stylish and lightweight to facilitate easy carry during long-distance travel. These bags packs travelfriendly feature that you will like. Here in this article, I am presenting my list of Top 7 travel guitar cases
to buy in 2022. If you can choose the right guitar bag, you don’t have to worry. During movements
bumps and dings are bound to happen. In case of multiple transportation, airplane, train, buses, the
risks are higher than usual. There are soft travel bags, I have included in this list of mine that offer
protection that your guitar can get from a hard-shell case. Read the article to choose the best guitar case
that suits you.


9 Best Fender Guitar Cases & Gig Bags to Buy [2022]

Fender guitar cases bear the legacy of the name. People buy Fender cases for the reputation it holds and the protection it offers. Fender justly became a household name in music and musical accessories like the guitar cases. This article is all about enlisting the best Fender guitar cases for Strate/Tele, electric, Dreadnought, or Basses. I put my hours of research to assist you in buying the best ones for your guitar type. Seasonal musicians appreciate the Fender cases that reflect the classic look and protection it offers. Find my compilation of best instrument cases from Fender that has appeal and represent your true passion for music. I own one for my Fender Telecaster that boasts my shelf. I carry my Fender in it with pride. I hope this compilation of Fender guitar case help you find the best Fender instrument case for you. Thank you for reading. Kindly feel free to leave a comment.  


Best Electric Guitar Cases And Gig Bags To Buy [2022]

Electric guitars are typically expensive. If you are a rush roadie or join gigs too often, protecting the guitar against bumps, bruises, mild to moderate impact is a real concern for you. Even if you store your guitar at home or attend open mic sessions around town, you still need a durable hardshell case or gig bag to protect it. Not only impact in roads or flight, while home-storing, but humidity alone can also damage. Warp causing by extreme weather conditions may leave your guitar out of tune. There is also the risk of humbuckers damage, single-coil pickups, or anything electrical. To avoid such a catastrophic event, you need a perfect case or soft bag for your electric guitar.
In this article, I have hand-picked the bests of all categories so you can compare them. This article also includes the best of guitar cases and a complete buying guide. Keep reading


Top 8 ChromaCast Guitar Cases You Can Buy In 2022

ChromaCast is among the top-rated guitar case producer right now. ChromaCast guitar cases are in the market for a long and ranked higher among the leading names in the world of guitar cases. They are known best for top quality and outstanding protective features that set them apart from their competitors. So is their reputation overhaul for trusted guitar cases. There are a lot of guitar cases produced by them available. This article sums up the best of ChromaCast guitar cases that are affordable and at the same time packed with an array of features that are loved by many. The best thing they offer is real value for money. I own a few of these, for they serve the protection. You can trust these guitar cases in this list of hardshell guitar cases and gig bags. Scroll to get them all.

man sitting with his plastic molded guitar case

Guitar Cases and Gig Bags Buying Guide [2022]

Finding the perfect guitar case is tricky. What suits you best? You have to choose the type first, then choose one prefect one. The need varies between touring musicians, professional guitarist, small gigs attenders or a beginner. It’s not that simple. You have to consider the price depending how much you are willing to pay. Choosing the right type is a challenge itself and finding the guitar case that suits usage is another. Don’t worry much this article will guide you so that you can end up buying the prefect one. While buying a guitar case, protection is the chief concern. The protection that the cases offer varies based on the type and cost of the guitar. Then comes build quality, hardware, and comfortability. This article covers all the necessary information you need to know. So, you can buy an outstanding case that suits your need.

Gator Cases Hard-Shell Wood Case for Standard Electric Guitars; Fits Fender Stratocaster/Telecaster, & More (GWE-ELECTRIC)

Top 12 Cheap Guitar Cases to Buy in 2022

Affordable at the same time worthy, durable and protective guitar cases are hard to find. To make your life easier, here I am presenting a list of best cheap acoustic, electric, bass and hard-shell guitar cases for your budget needs. These are not just the chipboards, I have overviewed them, used some of them. They are as good as some expensive ones. Actually, there are some cheap guitar cases that are effectively protective, durable and stylish. But you have to choose them carefully. This article is about superb quality cheap cases they are protective and stylish, durable, some of them are even ready for travel. Go through my list, read the features, pros and cons, my verdict and buying guide so that you find the best one that suits your requirement. Many people would suggest to buy the expensive one, if you don’t want to hurt your wallet, these outstanding cheap cases in my list you must check out.   

Gator Cases Gig Bag for Acoustic Bass Guitars (GBE-AC-BASS)

7 Best Acoustic Bass Cases that Fit and Protect Your Guitar

A lot of third-party acoustic bass guitar cases out there in the market. This article will lead you to find a perfect guitar case that offers excellent care and protection for your instrument. Since acoustic basses are fragile, you need a guitar case to protect them like any other guitar. A perfect one suits your need and best protect your guitar. But finding one is a bit tricky. You have to know your needs and do research since there are many guitar cases, from cheap to high-end guitar cases. This article is all about helping you to buy the best one and save your research time. Check the 7 best acoustic bass guitar cases. This article also includes a comprehensive guitar case buying guide so that you can choose the right one.