Does A Guitar Case Protect From Humidity: All You Need To Know 

When we travel from one gig to another, we often traverse different climates and regions. What we often overlook is a silent threat that may wreak havoc (swell, warp, or even crack) on our guitar; I am talking about humidity. Does a guitar case protect from humidity? Yes, indeed. A guitar case can safeguard your guitar from physical damage. But that doesn’t mean any ordinary case will do the trick. Let’s explore everything about how much does a guitar case protect from humidity, how different materials help and much more. 

Does A Guitar Case Protect From Humidity? 

Yes, a guitar case can indeed protect your instrument from humidity. A high-quality hard case with quality internal padding helps insulate against temperature changes and moisture fluctuations. But let me address the elephant in the room—no guitar case is entirely airtight. However, a quality hard case with durable materials and proper sealing can indeed be your trusted ally against humidity. 

These high-quality hard cases act as a barrier that helps regulate the temperature and humidity surrounding your instrument. You can think of it as a cozy little cocoon for the guitar that provides a buffer against extreme weather fluctuations. The smaller the space your guitar is confined to, the lower the humidity levels it can trap. So, the risk of absorbing excessive humidity is reduced when the guitar is tucked away in a tight area (a snug fit case). 

Type Of Guitar Case That Protects From Humidity 

ABS Plastic Waterproof Cases:  

If you want a guitar case that can withstand the toughest conditions and safeguard your instrument from the perils of humidity, ABS plastic waterproof cases are the way to go. Often referred to as flight cases, these sturdy companions are constructed with thick ABS plastic and equipped with a rubber seal on the lid. With their airtight design, these guitar cases can mostly prevent any changes in moisture. 

However, it’s important to note a key consideration when using these cases. If your guitar were exposed to an excessively dry or damp climate before being placed in the case, it would maintain that same state once sealed inside. So, it’s crucial to ensure your guitar is in a favorable environment before storing it in the case to achieve the best results. 

ABS Plastic Waterproof Cases

ABS Plastic Hard Cases:  

When it comes to protecting the guitar, ABS plastic hard cases step up to the plate like no other. Crafted from waterproof plastic, these cases provide a robust defence against humidity changes. These ABS cases can greatly slow down the humidity change within the case. It means that they provide effective protection against sudden shifts in moisture levels and help maintain a more stable environment for your guitar. 

Soft vs Hard Case: How Well They Protect From Humidity 

Generally, a humidity range of approximately 40-50% is best for any guitar. Straying too far from this sweet spot, whether excessively damp or overly dry, can trouble your instrument. Now, let’s see how well a case or a gig bag protects our guitar from humidity. 

Soft Case/Gig Bag: 

Soft cases are convenient, lightweight, and a go-to choice for many guitarists on the move. They’re like the yoga pants of guitar protection—flexible and comfortable. However, regarding humidity protection, they’re not exactly what we expect. 

Soft cases, especially those made of fabric, can be a bit troublesome when it comes to moisture. If they get wet on the outside, that moisture seeps through to the inside and creates a humid environment for your guitar. And believe me; this can happen faster than you’d expect. Soft cases also can’t do much to protect the guitar when the air around it gets too dry. They are better suited for short-term storage within an acceptable humidity level, and their protection capacity is limited to keep dust and dirt away from your guitars.  

Soft Case

Hard Case: 

It’s nothing new that hard cases offer superior humidity protection compared to soft cases. They provide excellent protection against drastic changes in humidity. But even with a hard case, there’s still a chance for humidity-havocs. 

The thing is, hard cases typically aren’t completely sealed. Since guitars are made of wood, they can absorb or release moisture to match the surrounding air. So, if you leave the guitar in a hard case for several days to a week, there’s still a possibility of encountering issues. However, hard cases do slow down the rate at which humidity changes occur inside. 

How Long Does A Guitar  Case Protect From Humidity? 

The answer to this question depends on the conditions the guitar is exposed to. If you live in a humid climate, your guitar case will offer limited protection, whereas, in a dry environment, the case will effectively preserve the guitar for an extended period. To give you a rough idea, a high-quality guitar case with a solid seal can typically fend off humidity for a day or two. However, this estimate can vary based on the case’s construction, the outside temperature, and the humidity levels in your specific location. The best way to maintain the integrity of your instrument in a humid condition is to invest in a quality room humidifier. It’ll maintain a balanced level of humidity in the room and preserve the optimal condition of your instruments. 

Does A Guitar Case Protect From Humidity: Final Words 

Whether you’re battling the heat of summer or the dampness of a rainy day, a quality guitar case is the best protection you can get to preserve the integrity of your instrument. A guitar exposed to excessive humidity can suffer from warping, cracking, and even dreaded neck issues. So, investing in a high-quality case with airtight seals is essential. However, a guitar case alone isn’t invincible. It’s best to invest in a guitar room humidifier to ensure your guitar remains in top-notch condition for years to come. 

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