How To Store Guitar cases: Easy-to-follow Tips and Best Storage Ideas Included 

Guitars aren’t just some musical instruments! The guitar we play for a while gets more or less attached to it, and we want to keep it protected no matter what. To protect it, the best thing people suggest is to invest in the best guitar hard cases. But is storing in a guitar case alone can protect your guitar? Apart from putting it in a hard case, we must know how to store a guitar case, unless the guitar may get damaged no matter what hardshell case protecting it!  

Many of us are unaware of how to store guitar cases properly, especially while storing the guitar cases in harsh conditions. As a result, the guitar’s sound quality, tone, and hardware get affected. These are some things I wish I had known in my early days. Because when I had stored my Vintage YAMAHA FG-180 for is a hard case and stacked it under the bed. After a year or so, I retrieved it damaged due to heat exposure. There was also some sign of cracking.  

Improper storage may also lead to damages like fret buzz, swollen frets, cracks, out-of-shape, dull sounding, etc., and I don’t want anyone to face what I have encountered. So, in this post, I will answer all the questions about how to store guitar cases and keep them clean and organized. 

Tips On How To Store Guitar Cases 

I told you lack of awareness might cost you the guitar. Although cases protect guitars, they may also get damaged. What can you do to prevent the damage? Here are some crucial aspects that you should consider while storing guitar cases. Let’s begin with the tips. 

Always keep the latches closed:   

We often do not pay attention to the latches. But letting the guitar case go unlatched is never a good idea, even for a short duration. So, ensure the guitar case is always latched when placed back into its case. If the latches are left open, and you lift the case for some reason, the odds are high that the guitar will fall from the guitar case, which can cause severe damage to the guitar.   

The travel cases include TSA-approved locks and latches, which are the safest ones. Always keep in mind to close these latches. But what if you are on the move with the case, and the case gets unlatched accidentally? I recommend keeping the latch close to your body so you can grab the guitar if it tends to fall. 

Keep the case in a cool place:   

Guitars are always best stored in medium or neutral temperatures. The ideal temperature range for storing guitars is between 65 and to 75-degrees Fahrenheit. As the majority of guitar cases are black, they easily absorb heat. If you keep them in a hot place or maybe exposed to the sun, the inside temperature of the case would increase, which would result in damaging the finish of the guitar. Moreover, extreme heat often causes wood materials to warp, while a harsh cold environment can cause fretboards to shrink. That’s how I lost my Vintage Yamaha. Besides, if you live in an area where it rains or snows constantly, it’s best to use weather-resistant cases to store the guitar. 

Keep your case standing:   

No matter how sturdy the guitar case is, stacking other objects on top of it can easily cause damage to the case. So, if you have multiple guitars, never stack the guitar cases on top of each other, and always store them standing up. You can think of it as storing suits in a rack rather like a large deck of cards on top of one another. But if you can’t keep the case standing up, consider stacking it sideways so that the bridge and the neck of the guitar do not come in contact with the ground. 

How to store guitar cases

Keep it humidified:   

If you are storing the guitar case in a humid environment, I recommend using silica gel packs or a dehumidifier in the room. Also, you can use a hygrometer to measure the room’s humidity level. What happens if you don’t care about the moisture and its effects? It may lead to dull guitar tones, damaged strings, or a shrunk body. Never keep the guitar case under direct sunlight, as it can badly affect the guitar case and the guitar. Also, you should go for a weather-resistant best humidifier for guitar room during the dry winter. 

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Clean the guitar case regularly:  

Indeed, a quality guitar case provides the best protection for our guitar. But, if we don’t clean the case from time to time, dirt may get into the guitar case while you open and close it. To keep the guitar case safe from dirt, you only need to clean and maintain the guitar case occasionally. 

Keep it in the center:    

Try storing the guitar case in a center-placed room. It’ll help if you live in an area prone to extreme weather conditions. It’ll also help you maintain the constant temperature that the guitar needs. Just make sure the guitar case doesn’t come in contact with an outside wall, so the guitar case and the guitar are safe from extreme humidity or temperature changes. 

Guitar Case Storage Ideas 

1. Floor Rack: 

Do you practice too often, and putting out the guitar from its case and putting it back seems annoying? A floor rack can save you from that trouble. It is the most accessible, most available, and cheap solution how for storing guitar cases. Moreover, a floor rack can be moved easily, and you can keep at least six to seven guitars on it. 

Generally, a floor rack is made of wood or metal and comes with a single layer. It consists of two poles on the bottom of the structure to put the guitar case and one pole on the upper side to hold the upper side of the case. Mostly, they are a simple structure; the bigger the rack is, the more guitars you can store.  But I don’t recommend it since the guitars are exposed to dirt and are unsafe from sudden spills. 

Floor Rack

2. Wall Rack: 

A wall rack is a way to go when you don’t have a dedicated music room or floor space and looking for a simple and budget-friendly solution. It nearly has a similar design to a floor rack. The only difference is it needs to be set up on a wall and affixed. The structure consists of a wood or metal pole and needs to be mounted on a wall.   

But the real question is, what’s the benefit of storing guitar cases in a wall rack? Let’s say you have kids or pets; you don’t want them near your guitar, right? A wall rack can be your savior here. Also, it saves space and makes the guitar easily accessible. 

3. Storage Cabinet: 

A storage cabinet is an expensive way to store a guitar case. If you are taking an extended break with your guitar, then a storage cabinet can be an effective solution. They provide additional protection to the guitar cases. Besides, this kind of cabinet has a lot of variety, and you can choose according to your need, like two layers, three layers, with glass, without glass, and so on.   

Now let me tell you the best part of a storage cabinet. It saves your guitar from dirt, cold, heat, or humidity swings, which we want while storing a guitar.    

Caution: Avoid stacking or laying flat the guitar cases, as the guitars can be damaged—the best way to place them horizontally on chambered rows.   

4. Customized Cabinets: 

It is the fanciest and most expensive way to store guitars, and I won’t recommend doing this just for a single guitar. Especially veteran guitarists with more than a few guitars go for a customized cabinet only for the guitars. But is customizing a cabinet worth it? Yes, it is.   

With a customized cabinet, you can get the best natural wood for the interior and exterior of the cabinet, which gives protection from damage to the cases like dust or climate havoc. Additionally, you can get storage compartments with extra storage and other shelving arrangements, which won’t be easy to find in a purchased rack or shelf.  

Importance of Storing Guitar Cases: 

How to store guitar cases isn’t only about storing the guitar cases; it means you are storing the guitar also. As long as the guitar case is stored properly, the guitar inside it is also safe. Find below some benefits of storing guitar cases:  

  • Store the case the right way, your guitar will be safe from damage, and the tone quality will remain the same. 
  • If the case is stored in a suitable place, it can protect the guitar from temperature or humidity changes.  
  • A quality hardshell case makes the transport easy and safe without putting stress on the guitar. 
  • Storing and maintaining the case can increase the lifetime of the guitar.   
  • If a hardshell case is stored properly, you can store the guitar for a long time without any worries. 

So, knowing how to store guitar cases correctly can save our guitars from external damage and dust. On top of it, it can save our guitar and increase its longevity. 

How To Store Guitar Cases: Conclusion 

Often we overlook proper ways how to store guitar cases especially when we play them too often or keep them on a guitar case and store it for a long time. But a guitarist must know how to store their axes and dos and don’ts about how to store guitar cases properly. Follow the easy tips in this article, and you will no longer have to worry about guitar storage issues.

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