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9 Essential Things You Need In A Guitar Hard Case

What actually makes a guitar hard case wholesome and perfect? Most hard-shell case offer decent protection but a perfect guitar hard case requires some essential features like TSA approved locks for flights, snug fit the guitar, durable or how heavy-duty a case is. Usually, a hard case is heavy. But since you will carry it, the consideration is: is it too heavy to carry? A plush interior can save your guitar from sudden fall or impacts. The building material or overall construction that you cannot avoid while buying a hard guitar case. Since its expensive to buy one, you better be cautious to look the essential features in it before choosing the right one. This article is about 9 essential things you need in a guitar case. Look for them in a hard case before buying one so that you don’t have regret after buying.

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Gig Bag vs Hard Case: Selecting The Right Guitar Case

Many people, especially the beginner ponders on which type of guitar case to buy? Since there is
basically, two types: Gig bags and Hard case. Instead of asking which type to buy? The better would be
asking which case is best for you? Usually, hard cases offer better protection while a soft bag is
lightweight and easy to carry. The best type is totally depending on your usage of guitar and
preferences. Give it a thought how would you use your guitar? travel by air? Perform local gigs? Or
practice at home. This article is all about understanding the differences between hard cases and gig
bags, determine what type of user are you. So that you can decide upon the best guitar case type that
fits your need and you can formulate your preferences. Your budget will also influence the preferred
type of guitar case.


15 Best Guitar Hard Cases To Buy [2023]

Buying a hardshell guitar case is tricky since there are a lot of guitar cases to choose from. People choose hardshell cases for better protection and durability these guitar cases offer. Professionals love hard shell cases to secure their guitars. It is known for its heavy-duty exterior and amazing protective features; surely, gig cases are not competitors. Wood, plastic, or fiberglass is more protective than nylon or polyester-made gig cases. But not all the hard guitar cases out there are equally protective and heavy-duty. This article is all about assisting you in finding a hard guitar case that pampers and protects your guitar. Find the list, find the one that suits you read the all-out review, and what you should look for in a hard guitar case. It will help you to find the best guitar case that you will find perfect.

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How To Clean A Guitar Case The Best Way: The Ultimate Guide

Cleaning and maintaining guitar case; a hard case or gig bag, is not so difficult at all. You must know the
best way how to clean and maintain the guitar case, that’s all. This article explores all the alleys and
ways how you can clean your guitar case properly and maintain it so that your guitar case is protected
and lasts long. Follow the tips and hacks included in this article so that your guitar case remains
protected from bad odor, stains and protect your guitar case properly. Dirt and odors are very likely in a
guitar case. Regular maintenance with a simple effort, will get your job done. This article is all about tips
and hacks and how to clean and store your guitar. Although there is cleaning instructions from
manufacturer, the tips will help you in ways and make your life easier. So, what’s stopping? Read the
article and follow simple instructions.

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5 Best 3/4 guitar Cases For Acoustic And Electric Guitar [2023]

¾ size guitars need special guitar cases to fit in. If need a third-party guitar case, apart from the
regular ones. You will find a lot of guitar cases in the market. Not all of them are equally decent
enough. This article compiles 5 bests of ¾ guitar cases that you will love. 3/4 size guitars are
Since, its shorter and thinner than the usual case, regular guitar case won’t fit. In this article, I
have combined a best of 5 ¾ guitar cases that you can buy now. Indeed, there are many
choices, to cut things short for you, I have infused my research to guide you buy the best ¾
guitar case for these ultra-portable starter guitars. So that you will get the best one that suits
your need. The price ranges budget to high-end ones so you buy the one that really suits you

traveling with a guitar

7 Must-Know Tips For Traveling with a Guitar

Every musician to carry their instruments to the places so is a guitarist. Carrying the instrument
everywhere is tricky at times. we all care about the safety and security of precious guitar. To keep it safe
during travel-time movements or risks of impact, bumps and bruises, all you need to do is to follow
some simple rules and tips to avoid such accidents. A good hard case or a strong and premium gig bag
will protect your guitar, putting some clothes inside the case will ensure your guitar is protected against
any impact. Don’t forget to carry your accessories, and prepare for mode of transportation during the
travel. What you may need to care for bus, train, or on foot. Including these and for more tips in details,
read the article and follow the tips and have a happy and memorable journey.

Gator Cases Deluxe Hard-Shell Wood Case for 335 Semi-Hollow Guitars; Brown Exterior (GW-335-BROWN)

7 Best Gibson ES 335 Guitar Cases [2023]

Many of us own a Gibson or 335 Guitar and searching for a hard guitar case that best fit and protect Gibson ES-335 from bumps and bruises and dings. Since these guitars are more fragile and need to be protected, the hard case should be sturdy and built to last long. The interior must fit the shape correctly and be padded enough to absorb impact. Since there many guitar cases to choose from, I have researched most review-worthy guitar cases available and put up in a list covering a wide price range so that you can find the best one that suits you. The following list shows you the best instrument cases to contain your precious Gibson or 335. Check them now. All the guitar cases in my list offers best protection not lack in style part. These are strong and heavy-duty. Choose the one that suits your usage.

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7 Best Travel Guitar Cases For You To Buy In 2023

Bumps and dings are part and parcel of life if you are into travel with guitar. That is why protection is the
priority for any travel guitar bag. The top of these instrument bags is limited to protection; they are
stylish and lightweight to facilitate easy carry during long-distance travel. These bags packs travelfriendly feature that you will like. Here in this article, I am presenting my list of Top 7 travel guitar cases
to buy in 2022. If you can choose the right guitar bag, you don’t have to worry. During movements
bumps and dings are bound to happen. In case of multiple transportation, airplane, train, buses, the
risks are higher than usual. There are soft travel bags, I have included in this list of mine that offer
protection that your guitar can get from a hard-shell case. Read the article to choose the best guitar case
that suits you.